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Throw away and declutter all your out-moded beliefs and negative feelings.
Give yourself a fresh start.

Make a commitment to yourself to be the best you can be.
Never again have negative conversations, especially with yourself.
Whatever you think about becomes your reality eg: Think poor be poor! Think lovely be lovely – it is your choice. If you don’t think you are special why would anyone else!

Listen to yourself. Give yourself 10 minutes a day on your own in complete silence to think how you are feeling. Blank the feelings out and start to think of nothing – these are the beginnings of meditation and the principle of silence, stillness and solitude - employ this practise daily and you will see a marked difference all most immediately.

Try to find some type of activity to exercise your mind and body at least twice a week.

Dress up at least once a week even if it is only for yourself – do your hair, make up, nails and remember your scent! Suddenly you will realise that you are a creature of loveliness and a whole lot better than a week ago. Much more likely to go out and meet up with friends.

The Telephone Voice

OK girls, are your dulcet tones on par with those of the lovely Joanna Lumley, or do you sound more like a geezer bird on a building site? Although deeper voices are perceived as being sexier for both genders, hard rough ones seldom are. Marylin Monroe had voice coaching to lower her voice as did Clark Gable who, it is said had a silly high pitched whine before his vocal training. Women in general should save the higher tones for laughter and singing, thin high shrill speaking voices are jangling on the nerves. Get the DVD of Singing In The Rain and see how different the girl seems to look with a different voice. So practice girls and guys!

A man usually prefers a woman that finds him attractive to a woman that just has a pretty face, it suggest that men also like to feel attractive, liked and noticed just as much as the ladies do. We all know some frosty beauty that almost repel men and an amiable girl who is always on the arm of prince charming. as patronizing as it may be to some of you, it is why we tell you to smile, not just show your teeth but smile with warmth and sho you enjoy being a girl.

You Do Enjoy Being A Girl Don't You?

Possible dates are everywhere, so are you saving it for something? Smile– it is the shortest distance between two people try it! Post us the results

Personal Grooming

Always carry a toothbrush – kissing sweet at all times! If you value your teeth have regular dental check ups.

Your crowning glory - men don’t care about the colour, cut or style although they may have favourites. Then tend to like longer hair, touchable hair (no products) and always clean.

Unless your man has the napoleon syndrome, make sure you are pristine. If he likes to scratch and sniff, develop this later. Don’t take for granted that he will like this on the first date.

Develop a routine – so going out isn’t an enormous ritual. Practise a ten-minute look eg; mascara, lippy and brush your hair. A one-hour ritual for lunches, meeting the boyfriends family and weddings etc..and a three hour routine for fake tanning, de fuzzing, tinting eye lashes and brows, doing your colour and especially for your hot date at home and the seduction scene in making yourself extra lovely!

Make Up

Keep make up simple and maintainable

Make sure you have a sheen not a shine – no greasy noses please!

Perfume should be layered some in your hair, pulse points, back of knees under the collar of your jacket . None on your neck please!

Enhance your best features

No felt tip eye brows! Really consider tattooing carefully before you do it as they have tendency to go tangerine.

The Lady Garden

Is your lady garden clipped and fragrant? Would you like your lover to smell your flower?

Or is your lady garden a wilderness? You will not be confident if you are not completely fresh.

Lady towels – men do not want to see or acknowledge them. They may leave their shaved hair in your wash basin but they do not want to see any of your girlie products e.g. pile ointment (great for your eye bags but he won’t understand this) or any other potion which says please help my poor body!

In fact nobody else on the planet wants to know, so keep your secrets, SECRET.


Pedicure – look after you feet, they have to carry you through the rest of you life. Do your toenails resemble cockroaches. It is a proven fact that the sweat on feet has toxic substances. If you can smell you feet so can everyone else! Unless he has a real passion for Gorgonzola! Keep them clean.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Whether you shave or wax your armpits – just get rid if it!

Belly Button

Whether you are an innie or outtie – clean it at all times!

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