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I have been a psychic life scientist for many years, studying most forms of divination and metaphysics. I have noticed over the years that the questions all seem to stem from Love, lack of love or if a lost love will return. In many cases the problem has been inside the client’s way of thinking about themselves.

I have loved working with Doctor Cupid on this site and together with Amanda, we know we can get your love life back on track. While we aim mostly at women we think the men should check it out for tips on how to win the heart of one of the many goddesses we have helped emerge after all what is a Cupid Girl to do without a supply of handsome Princes to ponder. For the broken hearted this site will get you back to the authentic you! Deconstruct all the old nonsense you tell yourself all day and show you your very own fairy godmother - three wishes anybody?
Miss Julia xxx
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Miss Julia
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