Hi there, your site is a lot of fun but i have a question for both of you, do you think that a girl with a job, home to run and bills to pay, can still find time for all the dressing up bit and find time for the houseproud tidy stuff
Maureen, Highgate

Dear Maureen
yes absolutely, you already have a routine going on, would it take much longer to do lips and lashes before you went out NO! on the houseproud front, it only takes a few minuts to quickly go over stuff daily and after all you dont want to come home to La Bomba do you, as for dressing up, it takes just as long to put on something pretty as it does to dress yourself in rags.
Miss Julia & Miss Amanda xx

Dear Dr Cupid
saw your site and it is of great interest, my question is do men really like the frilly fluffy type girls you suggest we all become, i dont think i ever met a man that really liked it since the 60s, it was easier then as girls really could go to town on the lashes and dresses but now i'm not sure, especially with nowhere to get lovely dresses and things, in the 60s and70s you would go to a funky boutique that had great music and one off creations, now it seems its just two bits of rag sewn together. Help!
Linda , refugee of 1964

Dear Linda
Men of all ages and all walks of life appreciate a clean fragrant pretty woman, besides dont you feel more attractive when you look and smell fantastic. We are astonished that a 60s babe has lost her Mojo! We believe that if a woman loves herself takes good care of her body and has self respect, she will ooze charm and confidence so the answer to your question is YES, hope you get your mojo back x
Miss Julia and Miss Amanda xx

Dear Dr Cupid,
As a guy that loves a pretty woman i wondered if you could tell me where all the Cupid girls hang out, i have spotted this kind of woman occasionally but rarely, most girls are very stand offish. Cupid girl sounds lovely, a woman that really enjoys being a woman, i remember when i was 19 seeing this glorious creature like julia and amanda on the site, i couldn't take my eyes off of her, she flirted cruelly with me and i still, at 41 wonder where she is today. Some women really can steal your heart and i live in hope.
Bradly, Herts

Darling Bradly
Soon Cupid girls will be everywhere, in the meantime maybe that gorgeous girl still remembers you too.
A very flattered Miss Julia and Miss Amanda xx

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