As there are steps to becoming educated, wealthy and sexually intelligent, there are also steps and lessons to become a glamorous, sexual, woman. A little knowledge goes a long way.  Women between eighteen and death, we would like to share some dos and don’ts with you.  

1. Don’t assume you can read your lovers mind. Don’t assume they can read yours.

2. Don't assume anything.

3. Don’t think that your new lover will drop everything for you eg: their job, their colleagues their other commitments; their best friends/ family just to make you happy

5. Don’t ask a lover questions too early – you will only force them to tell you lies.

6. Don’t assume it is love at first sight – it may be lust but seldom love first sight. Just as you may be offended if they want sex immediately, the object of your desire would be offended if you wanted commitment immediately.

7. Don’t expect your new lover to be responsible for your emotions or to ease your loneliness or boredom. For example: How would you feel if that great guy only wanted you to be there to ease their boredom? Or imagine being a guy that the girl only has around to make her other boyfriends jealous.

8. Don’t think because of past dating disappointment – that every guy on the planet is a frog – there really are some princes out there!

9. Don’t boost your confidence with any chemical charm e.g.: alcohol/ recreational drugs on the first date.

10. Do smile.

11. Do be considerate about personal hygiene.

12. Do keep your home clean and tidy.

13. Do respect yourself.

14. Do expect to be fancied.

15. Do remember there is someone for everyone.

16. Do buy sexy sensual underwear ie: matching, well fitting in colours that suit you, that are expertly fitted (no lime green please). Throw away all your worn out bras and any underwear that has discoloured or stretched out of shape. If you don’t have any good underwear don’t wear any!

17. Do dress up every day. Don't save it for something! What are you talking about? Today is as good as it gets. All this saving stuff until its retro or until you can only wear it as a scarf is ridiculous. From now on dress up every day, and after all, these are your own things, so why the guilt about wearing them? Always wear your best, look your best and smell your very best.

18. Do be Authentic. In most of the dating books we have researched it seems that you have to follow rigid guide lines, only show certain pleasing facets, and only show the contrived rehearsed side of yourself, HOW GHASTLY! Can you imagine if a man did this to you, it would be a nightmare darling!!! We are here to help you be the real lovely loving special person you were originally were designed to be, not a crafty coniving liar.

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Dos and Don'ts
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