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Welcome to our clinic of romantic repair.
Whether you are love sick, in emotional quarantine, or just starved of romance, you have found the remedy. Some medicine is hard to swallow, for example:
     The bitter pill of Truth.
We may look sugar coated, but we are determined to bring happiness, glamour and seduction back into fashion. How well do you imagine you understand men? Who were your role models?  Do you expect every man on the planet, to act in exactly the same way, as your limited experience of them? Are you willing to change your current beliefs?

We have taken the last two years of dedicated research reading everything on offer. Studying human beings, in great detail and looking at the enormous plague of lack of self esteem.

"Does he love me?” is the question we have heard the most over the years.  We have listened to the problems of the troubled, lonely, dateless and dumped. It never seems to get any better for them. Every year, another batch of tortured males and females wail that they are not getting enough from their love life.
What does it all mean? In the years since then, we have been studying, what it is that really makes a winning formula. We still get to hear "Does he love me?" not just from the girls. It means that there is an epidemic of lonely women and men out there, who still do not have a clue about how to get their love life back on track.

Do you believe being dateless and alone is the way to go?  Would you rather learn how to be an exotic, delicious, and playful creature? We realise that some of you will not agree with our site. We are perfectly happy to leave you the way you are. We would love to hear from you.

For those that DO wish to be transformed, Dr Cupid is at hand...

Miss Amanda and Miss Julia xx

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Sophie Perhar, Cooke & Brand PR, Tel: 020 7038 3660
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